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Top 5 Summer Outdoor Lighting Ideas

  Summer is the time for barbecues, pool parties and relaxing on the patio with lemonade.  It’s the best time of year for visiting with friends and family, with most people wanting to spend most of their time outside.  With that said, there’s no better season for some new outdoor lighting installation.  It doesn’t have […]

Outdoor Lights Installers Help You Host A Safe Pool Party

  Summertime is always a favorite season since the sun’s out for longer, school’s out and there’s generally a slower pace for all. But for some families, summer also means carpooling to camp, afternoon playdates and watching other people’s kids over the weekends. You know you don’t want them spending their entire days watching movies […]

Top 2017 Landscaping Trends

Just like with so many industries, landscaping has trends and 2017 is seeing a lot more green. Since the business of outdoor lighting is so closely related to gardening, who better than to bring you this year’s landscaping trends. Our Dallas outdoor lighting installers have compiled several trends from various online resources including the National [...]

5 Tips To Get Your Patio Party-Ready Including Lighting

These days, everyone is more about staying indoors thanks to all of the comforts it provides, from high-tech computers to video games, flat screen TVs and so on. We’ve focused so much on creating the ideal environment in our homes, that we spend less and less time outside, especially children. But according to the Brightscapes [...]

How To Leverage Feng Shui With Outdoor Lighting

You’ve heard of fengshui before, the 3,000 year old art of arranging spaces and orientation for a favorable flow of energy. You can apply the ancient set of rules or concepts for any room or area, from your office to your bedroom and even your outdoor living space. Feng Shui is believed to help promote [...]

Top Benefits of LED Lights for Commercial Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to landscape lighting, LED lights have many advantages including environmentally-friendly LED technology and, of course, cost savings since their energy efficient. When you own or manage a business, budget is of high importance which is why LED lights can come in handy. You can transfer the savings onto other profit-raising efforts such [...]

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Techniques

The Brightscapes outdoor lights installers have plenty of experience with various landscape lighting methods, since every commercial project is unique. From a five-star restaurant to a rehabilitation center to a hotel or strip mall, they all have individual needs and objectives. For example, for a nonprofit hospital in Fort Worth, Texas that has a large [...]

Top 4 Tips For Ideal Outdoor Living Space

Creating the ideal outdoor living space has many benefits for a homeowner, allowing you to make full use of every square foot of your home. A designed outdoor area offers you, a relaxing space for more “me” time, greater entertaining options, not to mention increased curb appeal that can really come in handy when it’s [...]

Outdoor Commercial Lighting: Increased Visibility For Increased Profits

It’s not easy being in business for yourself, there are many risks and responsibilities involved, financial instability, not to mention around-the-clock work. Whether you own a small clothing boutique, a neighborhood supermarket or a community dry cleaning business, you know how important it is to advertise and get your name out there so you can [...]


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