Top Benefits of LED Lights for Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Top Benefits of LED Lights for Commercial Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to landscape lighting, LED lights have many advantages including environmentally-friendly LED technology and, of course, cost savings since their energy efficient. When you own or manage a business, budget is of high importance which is why LED lights can come in handy. You can transfer the savings onto other profit-raising efforts such as marketing or even new hires.

Commerical-Color-WashBefore the Brightscapes commercial lights installers get into more detailed explanations about the various LED benefits, know that outdoor LED lighting can save you up to 80% in electricity since they have a longer bulb life. That’s why the Brightscapes commercial outdoor lighting experts suggest you outfit your commercial space with LED lights. Think increased durability and cost savings, since they can last anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours compared to 1000 hours of an incandescent light bulb. Some sources say LED lights can last as long as 100,000 hours which is over 10 years. Plus, since these types of lights last longer, there’s practically no maintenance further increasing the savings because there’s no need to replace them as often

So what makes commercial LED lights different than regular incandescent bulbs? LED stands for light emitting diodes which are semiconductor devices that create visible light when an electrical current passes through them. LED lights are more efficient, more durable, more versatile then regular bulbs. Common LED lights colors include red, green and blue, but there isn’t an actual white color. To get an LED light to emit a white hue, various colors are mixed with a phosphor material to convert the light color.

LED lights are directional light sources, meaning they emit light in a specific direction so they’re perfect for highlighting specific parts of your commercial building, say for example the entrance. When compared to incandescent light bulbs that emit light and heat in all directions, you can understand why commercial LED bulbs use light and energy more efficiently. These days, LED lights are used in various industries including aviation (lighting), automotive (headlamps), traffic signals, camera flashes, refrigeration and even lighted wallpaper. Unlike incandescent bulbs which the light results from heat, an LED light only works if it’s cool enough, where little heat is lost by radiation. A quality LED light features a careful thermal design, for optimum efficacy.

When installing outdoor lights, the Brightscapes commercial outdoor lighting experts use quality LED lights that are tested and verified with specific distribution requirements. Our LED lights are also compliant with industry standards for your peace of mind. When working with Brightscapes commercial lights installers, know that you have a partner that works alongside you, realizing your vision for your business. Should you want to increase safety, foot traffic, employee morale or simply better advertise your location, Brightscapes can help make it happen.

From municipalities to storefronts to hospitals and hotels, all types of business can leverage commercial outdoor LED lighting. You can transform your commercial space with professional outdoor lighting to help you take advantage of peak hours, advertise after hours, leverage seasonal holidays and increase brand awareness, all this without having to use traditional advertising.  With Brightscapes outdoor commercial lighting experts, you can count on skilled lighting design consultants, proficient installation crews, efficiency and productivity since we know time is money.

007Outdoor lighting can add curb appeal to your commercial property, creating stunning exteriors to help you reach your objectives. Brightscapes landscape lights installers can enhance the outdoor area surrounding your business, with a variety of LED lights from specialty lighting to mini lights, commercial grade low voltage lights, strobes and more. We work with quality lights distributors and leverage our relationships to get best prices so we can pass the savings along to you. We have the man power to finish big lighting projects in little time, allowing you to continue business as usual. The Brightscapes lighting experts are also respectful of the existing landscape, ensuring the natural surroundings such as trees, bushes, rock formations, native plants and flowers aren’t disrupted. You can count on us to treat your property with the utmost respect.

If you’re looking to transform your commercial space, contact the Brightscapes landscape lighting experts for a consultation on how you can leverage the power of lights for profits.

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