Outdoor Lights Installers Help You Host A Safe Pool Party

Outdoor Lights Installers Help You Host A Safe Pool Party


Summertime is always a favorite season since the sun’s out for longer, school’s out and there’s generally a slower pace for all. But for some families, summer also means carpooling to camp, afternoon playdates and watching other people’s kids over the weekends. You know you don’t want them spending their entire days watching movies or playing video games, you want them active, exploring the outdoors and playing in the sun. Isn’t that what summer is all about anyway?

pp4So how do you safely keep the kids entertained during those two full summer months without shelling out big bucks or losing your patience? If you have your very own pool, you can host unforgettable pool parties that can keep everyone busy, and best of all have plenty of fun. The kids can swim, while the parents can curl up with a book, enjoy light conversation and nurture new friendships.

To host a successful pool party, you want to make sure you invite a good mix of people that have things in common such as children in the same class or school and relatives and neighbors of same age group. You also want to ensure that all guests are swimmers so that you don’t have to worry about keeping anyone in the shallow end of the pool. Keep guest list to a reasonable and manageable number, so things don’t get out of hand. Safety comes first!

When inviting guests over, whether by phone or save-the-date email, ask a few of them if they would help supervise. You can have various shifts so that everyone can have fun. If one person helps out for an hour, they can still have the rest of the day to relax. When you’re in the house looking for extra towels, snacks or sunscreen, you’ll have the additional support of those who offered to volunteer for supervision. Establish some ground rules, like no diving, running or eating around the pool to keep things as safe as possible at all times.

pp3And speaking of safety, make sure your pool area is well lit, especially when the day gets a little darker. You want your pool area to have well-lit pathways and lights surrounding the entire area, including your patio should you have one. Proper outdoor lighting is a great way to ensure visibility and safety at all times. If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, know that the Brightscapes landscape lights installers have years of experience in outdoor lighting and can help you ensure security all-around.

There are many lighting ideas that can work for a pool, like for example down lighting technique from elevated spots around the area to create a beautiful atmosphere but also safely lit surroundings. Also, if you have decorative elements surrounding your pool, they can be lit to for even more visibility. So for example, if you have a stone wall fire pit, the Dallas lights installers can provide under cap lighting against it, so that even when the flames are out, you’re left with outdoor lighting and ambiance. Wall wash lighting is another technique that’s quite popular with outdoor living areas, because it helps define boundaries by projecting soft lighting against various pillars or walls.

Have a few supplies by the pool area like pool toys, towels, pool floats and tubes, dive rings, sunscreen, fruits and snacks, even items for grownups like playing cards, paperbacks and board games. These go-to items will make a lazy day even better, with everything you need within reach. When you’re unwinding on a chaise lounge, and enjoying a refreshing drink, the last thing you want to do is get up to fetch some pool floats from the garage.

pp1Don’t forget pool party games! From mermaid races where the one who holds their breath longer wins to noodle jousting where opponents try to knock each other off of a pool noodle, pool games are a summer favorite. And no list is complete without Marco Polo and scavenger hunt!

When it comes to food, you don’t have to set up an elaborate meal when you’re hosting a pool party. Quick, easy bites can do the trick such as fresh watermelon, popsicles, chips and salsa and guacamole dips. Avoid serving up nuts since many kids are allergic these days. If you have a barbecue in your backyard, then you can grill children’s favorites: hot dogs and burgers and call it a fabulous day.



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