Top 2017 Landscaping Trends

Top 2017 Landscaping Trends

Lanscape Trendz TableJust like with so many industries, landscaping has trends and 2017 is seeing a lot more green. Since the business of outdoor lighting is so closely related to gardening, who better than to bring you this year’s landscaping trends. Our Dallas outdoor lighting installers have compiled several trends from various online resources including the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

It may be kind of funny to think of landscaping as being trendy since grass, trees and flowers don’t work on our schedule. It’s a natural process that’s truly a concerted effort between so many variables, from sunlight to soil health and more. But landscaping is more than just foliage, it encompasses the entire area surrounding it. Think décor, pathways, weather-withstanding furniture, not to mention outdoor lighting which is what we do at Brightscapes. Continue reading below for the latest in landscaping trends.

2017 is all about green. Even the Pantone color institute says “Greenery” is this year’s Color of the Year.

Landscape Trendz PantoneTechnically, it’s known as Pantone 15-0343. Every year, the Institute chooses a trendy color that’s expected to take center stage in fashion, new products, design and now, in landscaping. “Greenery” connects to nature of course, but it also inspires freshness, vitality and newness. Last year, in 2016, landscaping trends tended to be more colorful with various hues dominating separate areas of front yard and back yards throughout the nation. Now, in 2017, landscapes are all about various shades of greens, from all spectrums of nature’s favorite color.

This year also brings landscaping back to more natural materials, replacing the more minimalist trend of the past. Today, the sleek, modern style is long gone. Instead, beautiful gardens are showcasing free-form patios, daintier décorand a more fluid approach to the landscaping design itself. In fact, the Brightscapes specialists have noticed more wood materials when onsite for landscape lighting installations. This back-to-nature trend also extends to the plants and foliage themselves as well as the other décor elements known (as hardscaping materials)such as rocks, pebbles and stones. Landscape architects and gardeners using more local and endemic plants too, to be kinder to the environment which is also something that’s important to Brightscapes outdoor lights installers.

At Brightscapes, we like to use energy-efficient lighting whenever we can, not only reducing the impact on our environment, but also saving money for our customers. The savings are even more significant with commercial properties where you can have a colossal amount of square footage to cover in outdoor lights. Healthcare centers, resorts, strip malls are just some the business that can truly see save money on their utilities bills with outdoor LED lights. And since we’re on the topic of the environment, climate change is part of that conversation. Since weather these days is a little finicky and sometimes has its own agenda, at Brightscapes, we install weather-withstanding outdoor light fixtures that are up for the challenge. Rain or shine, your home or business will glow. Plus, note that our Dallas landscape lighting installers maintain your lights throughout the year. Should there be an issue, we’re there for landscape lighting maintenance.

c. Lanscape Trendz BBQCoziness is another trend this year, even with larger landscapes where smaller pockets are formed for a snug atmosphere. Think aromatic flowers, more intimate seating, hammocks, dwarf shrubs, table-size water fountains as well a playful areas for children such sandboxes and wooden climbing structures. Coziness is hard to capture since gardens are outdoors, with wide open spaces with skies acting as infinite ceilings. Adding a fireplace outdoors or a barbecue can allow for a great nook ideal for friends and family gathering. Just imagine cooking for your loved ones underneath the stars, with delicious smells traveling through the air, music playing, conversations blooming— it’s what every Sunday should be.

Don’t forget about outdoor lighting, that’s always trendy since it not only adds beauty to your outdoor living space it also works functionally. Think increased visibility and safety as well! At Brightscapes, our Dallas outdoor lights installers work with various types of homes from huge estates to quaint villas. We’re with you every step of the way, from lighting design consulting to installation and maintenance. We’re well-versed in logistics and can handle larger projects that can come with their own challenges, from working around specific architectural elements to irrigation systems and more. Contact us for your landscape lighting needs.

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