Top 5 Summer Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Top 5 Summer Outdoor Lighting Ideas


babecueSummer is the time for barbecues, pool parties and relaxing on the patio with lemonade.  It’s the best time of year for visiting with friends and family, with most people wanting to spend most of their time outside.  With that said, there’s no better season for some new outdoor lighting installation.  It doesn’t have to be an elaborate makeover, although you can revamp your yard and patio into a whole new look if you want.  All you need are a few fresh eye-opening touches to your outdoor ambiance.

Your residential lighting installation should be easy and take no time when you have the following top 5 summer outdoor lighting ideas.  Remember, you can take on the project and do-it-yourself or you can hire a lighting installation service, such as Brightscapes, to get all your lighting dreams to come true.

  1. Shaded String Lights. String lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore.  They can be used any time of the year, including summertime holidays like the 4th of July.  For July 4th, for example, you can choose red, white, and blue string lights to accompany the theme.  If you’re green savvy, you can choose solar-powered string lights to save on energy.  String lights can be used anywhere, from the top of your fence to in your garden.
  1. Tiki Torches. Tiki torches can be used anywhere in the yard, but they are especially helpful for lighting pathways.  Why not light the path from your patio to the pool so when your guests want to go for a midnight swim, their path will be lit to perfection?  Relaxing and comfortable, tiki torches add a touch of an island feel to your yard.
  1. lights-1106371_1920Floating Candles. Looking to add a little fire into your summer?  Floating candles are an excellent way to light up your pool with flair and creativity.  You can easily buy the candles at your local home goods store or you can simply make them yourself.  Either way, with floating candles, you are sure to get your summer water fun fired up.
  1. Faux Lanterns. You might need an outdoor lighting service for the installation of these mood makers or if you’re handy, you could do-it-yourself.  Faux lanterns, especially the solar-powered ones, are excellent for creating a soft and sultry summer mood.  Solar-powered lanterns will conveniently turn on at sunset, marking the beginning of your nightscape summer party.
  1. Silk Flower Party Lights. Take colorful paper lanterns and adorn them with bright, wide ribbons and you’ve got a party.  Use certain colors to represent a variety of countries and you can change the theme of your outdoor summer festivities.  For example, fuchsia is the perfect color for a Filipino theme and red will compliment a Chinese motif.

lampions-274827_1920Your Dallas outdoor lighting service team can help you set up your backyard, patio and pool to make your summer one of your most unforgettable.  And, when setting up your home for the 4th of July, you can use specific colors like red, white and blue to enhance the holiday theme.  If you’re using candles, you could choose plain white ones and adorn them with red and blue ribbons.  String lights come in a variety of colors that can be strewn in your trees and bushes, as well as around your bar area.  The silk flower party lights also come in a variety of colors, which you can use to match the holiday theme.  Keep in mind, though, you don’t have to overdo it.  Just a few simple lighting additions can change the entire feel of your home.  Don’t go overboard by trying to use all the summer lighting ideas.  Pick a couple and let the light shine on your home.

Once the summer is over, your landscape lighting installation team can easily remove your summer-themed lights and simply replace them with an autumn motif.  Changing your lighting is a quick and simple way of expressing your style and mood without breaking the bank.  Your lighting not only sets the tone and mood of your home, it expresses your flair and creativity.  Both friends and family will love to visit you because they will feel the comfort of your stylish summer mood lighting.



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